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Free Online Translation is your one-stop place for translations in more than 75 languages!

Simple to use, its scope is unrivaled.
Just type any word or phrase you want to translate into our search box and click “Translate”.
You will get results from a database of several hundred of dictionaries.

Our content is designed to answer your specific needs.
So if it is a specific language pair you are working with, we established also narrower search possibilities for you.
You may go directly to any of our language selection pages, such as Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, or Turkish to name just a few.

Free Online Translation is completed by the Full Text Translation service.
This service is tailored to help you to gain basic understanding of texts in a language you are hardly familiar with.
Automated translation (aka machine translation) means that a top-notch, state-of-the-art computer is doing the entire translation task you request.
Bear in mind that although the quality of the translations has been tested, retested and tested again, there might be inevitable pitfalls when translating full sentences or entire texts.
Babylon's free online translation service will certainly help you comprehend a text in a foreign language, but it is not a substitute for a professional human translator.

Free Online Translation is a service is brought to you by Babylon, the leading provider of single-click translation and information access solutions.
With more than 2000 dictionaries in more than 75 languages Babylon is the biggest information and translation platform on the Web dedicated solely to dictionaries, encyclopedias and glossaries.

For English dictionaries with in-depth definitions and explanations of English terms you are cordially invited to use Babylon's Online Dictionary lookup.
This free dictionary lookup offers you access to professional dictionaries such as Legal, Science, Medical or Business Dictionaries, as well as to niche dictionaries from various fields such as Music, Food, Dream Interpretation and Sports.

Babylon's outstanding database of dictionaries has largely been generated by private users, who either hold the copyright of the content or have obtained reprint permission.
Truly respecting the intellectual property of others, Babylon asks private content contributors to do the same.
If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement please contact us.

Some pages and dictionaries may provide links to other Internet sites only for the convenience of World Wide Web users. We are not responsible for the availability or content of these external sites, nor do we endorse, warrant or guarantee the products, services or information described or offered at these other Internet sites.

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