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Guide in English
yin1 shi4 li4 dao3
Lead something along its way.
Guiding someone or something along its way of development.

Dictionary source: Chinese Idioms
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倡 [chàng] guide; initiate; instigate; introduce; lead; leader

向 [xiàng, chà, zhā] direction; guide; opposite to; toward; trend

向导 [xiàng dǎo] guide

导 [dǎo, dào] conduct; direct; guide; lead; to conduct; to direct; to guide; to lead; to transmit

带领 [dài lǐng] guide; lead

引 [yǐn] attract; draw out; to divert (water); to guide; to lead; to pull; to stretch

引导 [yǐn dǎo] introduction; to conduct; to guide; to lead

指南 [zhǐ nán] to guide

指导 [zhǐ dǎo] (give) directions; to direct; to guide

指引 [zhǐ yǐn] guide; show

讲解员 [jiǎng jiě yuán] guide

诱 [yòu] entice; guide; induce; persuade; tempt

领 [lǐng] collar; guide; lead; neck; to lead; to receive

便览 [biàn lǎn] brief guide

波导 [bō dǎo] wave guide


Dictionary source: URX ZHEN Chinese-English Dictionary
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