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yi2 zi4 zhi1 shi1
A teacher of one word.
Referring to a carefully worded writing, which can be rendered perfect by only a slight alteration. Compare with 一字千金 (yi2 zi4 qian1 jin1).

字 [zì, xùn] character; letter; symbol; word

德 [dé] Germany; character; ethics; favor; goodness; kind; kindness; morality; virtue

性 [xìng] character; nature; sex; suffix corresponding to -ness or -ity; surname

性格 [xìng gé] character; disposition; nature; temperament

文字 [wén zì] character

色彩 [sè cǎi] character; coloration; coloring; tint

今音 [jīn yīn] modern (i.e. not ancient) pronunciation of a Chinese character

伽 [qié, jiā] (nursing; (phonetic); attending; entertainer) (Jap.); etc.); in Chinese this character is not used alone; tample; transcription of sanskrit 'gha' in buddhist texts ('samgha'

傲骨 [ào gǔ] lofty and unyielding character

党性 [dǎng xìng] (n) political party spirit or character

八字 [bā zì] Eight Characters; character 8

共性 [gòng xìng] (n) overall character

别字 [bié zì] mispronounced or wrongly written character

单字 [dān zì] individual character; separate character

君子 [jūn zi] nobleman; person of noble character

品德 [pǐn dé] moral character

嗪 [qín] character used in translation

噻 [sai] character used in translation

垭 [wù] character used in place names

堡 [pù, bǎo] character used in place names; fort; fortress; town; village

字串 [zì chuàn] character string

字元 [zì yuán] (computer) character (tw)

字元集 [zì yuán jí] character set

字典 [zì diǎn] character dictionary; dictionary

字汇 [zì huì] (computer) character repertoire 2; 1; glossary, lexicon

字码 [zì mǎ] character code

字集 [zì jí] character set

宝贝 [bǎo bèi] baby; cowry; darling; good-for-nothing or queer character; treasure; treasured object

捺 [nà] (downwards-right concave character stroke); press down firmly; to press down heavily with the fingers

提 [tí] (upwards character stroke); hold in hand; lift in hand; lifting (brush stroke in painting); to carry; to lift; to mention; to put forward

撇 [piě, piē] (downwards-left curved character stroke); abandon; discard; throw; throw away

斜钩 [xié gōu] (downwards-right concave hooked character stroke)

本质 [běn zhì] essence; innate character; intrinsic quality; nature

横 [hèng, héng] across; unruly

横折 [héng zhé] (horizontal-starting right angle character stroke)

横钩 [héng gōu] (horizontal hooked character stroke)

汉字 [hàn zì] Chinese character

点 [diǎn, wéi] (a measure word); (decimal) point); (downwards-right convex character stroke); degree; dot; o'clock; point; speck; spot

玷 [diàn] blemish; disgrace; flaw in character; flaw in gem; flaw in jade

生字 [shēng zì] (n) an unfamiliar word or character

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