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Water in English
yi4 yi1 dai4 shui3
A narrow strip of water.
Said of close neighbours that you feel obliged to assist if they should need your help).
wan4 shui3 qian2 shan1
Ten thousand waters and thousand mountains.
A long and arduous journey. Other interpretation; "Far away".
ru2 yu2 de2 shui3
Like a fish that gets (back into the) water.
Being in one's right element. Said of a person who has the necessary conditions for developing his talent, or has found the right assistants. Compare with 如鱼离水 (ru2 yu2 li2 shui3).
ru2 yu2 li2 shui3
Like a fish taken out of the water.
Said of someone who finds himself out of his right element. Compare with 如鱼得水 (ru2 yu2 de2 shui3) and 涸哲之鲋 (he2 zhe2 zhi1 fu4).
shui3 shen1 huo3 re4
Deep water and hot fire.
Describing the deepest misery in which it's impossible to live. An abyss of sufferings.
fu4 shui3 nan2 shou1
Spilt water is difficult to recover.
What is done cannot be undone. No use crying over spilt milk. Compare with 亡羊补牢 (wang2 yang2 bu3 lao2).
yuan3 shui3 jiu4 bu4 liao3 jin4 huo3
Water far away cannot put out a fire nearby.
Meaning that a slow remedy cannot meet an urgent need. While the grass grows, the horse starves. Alternative form: 远水解不了近渴 (yuan3 shui3 jie3 bu4 liao3 jin4 ke3) meaning "Water far away cannot quench present thirst".
yin3 shui3 si1 yuan2
When you drink water, think of its source.
Pay gratitude to those who fought to make the present possible. One must not forget to whom one is indebted.
gao1 shan1 liu2 shui3
High mountains and flowing water.
A way to describe beautiful music and a metaphor to describe close friends and true frindship.

Dictionary source: Chinese Idioms
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水浒传 [shuǐ hǔ zhuàn] Water Margin


噗 [pū] burst; sound of escaping laughter; water

水 [shuǐ] juice; liquid; lot5on; river; water

氵 radical number 85; water

沃 [wò, hàng, kàng] fertile; irrigate; rich; water

泼 [pō] pour; splash; sprinkle; to spill; water

浇 [jiāo, ào] spray; sprinkle; to water; water

渖 [shěn] juice; liquid; place name; pour; to leak; water

溉 [gài, xiè] flood; irrigate; wash; water

灌 [guàn] flood; heron; irrigate; pour; water

严 [yán, bàng] (air or water) tight; rigid; rigorous; serious; severe; stern; strict

冲 [chòng, chōng] of great force; pour boiling water over; soar; towards

凉水 [liáng shuǐ] cool water; unboiled water

哗哗 [huā huā] sound of gurgling water

唧 [jī] (onomat.); chirping of insects; pump; to pump (water)

喁 [yóng, yú] breathing (of fish); gasping for breath; the mouth of a fish at the surface of the water

埏 [yán] a boundary; a limit; boundary

对岸 [duì àn] (n) the opposite bank of a body of water

小便 [xiǎo biàn] pass water; urinate; urine

开水 [kāi shuǐ] boiled water; boiling water

引 [yǐn] attract; draw out; to divert (water); to guide; to lead; to pull; to stretch

弥漫 [mí màn] (adj) overflowing (water); (v) saturate the air with fog, dust smoke, etc

戽 [hù] to bale out water; water bucket for irrigation

捞 [lāo] dredge; fish; fish up; scoop out of water

杯水车薪 [bēi shuǐ chē xīn] trying to put out a burning cartload of faggots with a cup of water - an utterly inadequate measure

槔 [gāo] water pulley

水利 [shuǐ lì] irrigation works; water conservancy

水力 [shuǐ lì] irrigation works; water conservancy; water power

水土 [shuǐ tǔ] (n) climate; (n) water and soil

水源 [shuǐ yuán] (n) river headwaters; (n) water source

水牛 [shuǐ niú] water buffalo

水面 [shuǐ miàn] water surface

汆 [cuān] hot water kettle; to boil; to parboil

汛 [xùn, chè, tuó] flood tides; high water; sprinkle water

汤 [tāng, shāng, tàng, yáng] (surname); broth; gravy; hot water; soup

汪 [wāng, hóng, wǎng] (surname); deep; expanse of water; extensive; ooze; surname; vast

汪洋 [wāng yáng] (n) vast body of water

汲 [jí] draw water from well; imbibe

沧 [cāng] blue; cold; dark green; green(color of water); vast (of water)

泅 [qiú, yōu] float; submerge; swim; swim under water; wade

泓 [hóng] clear; deep pool of water; vast and deep

(71 more definitions supressed)


Dictionary source: URX ZHEN Chinese-English Dictionary
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