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À outrance in English
(French) "to the utmost", to the very end

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À outrance in Spanish
(En francés) "al máximo", hasta el final

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À outrance in Turkish
(Fransızca) "to the utmost (alabildiğine)", alabildiğine, olabildiğince, sonuna kadar, kapasitesi yettiğince, son dereceye kadar

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À outrance in Italian
(Francese) a oltranza

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À outrance in Hebrew
(צרפתית) לחלוטין, עד הסוף

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À outrance in English
(Fr. "with utmost hostility") Indicates a combat of war, not fought for pleasure. Wars would be fought à outrance, as might an emprise , but a friendly passage at arms, such as a pas d’armes , would be fought for pleasure, à plaisir . In an à outrance encounter, the potential for injury or death was higher, as the opponent was viewed more as an enemy than as a friendly opponent. Jousts of War would be fought in this manner, whereas a Joust of Peace would be fought à plaisir.

Copyright: Dictionary source: The Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Arms and Armour Glossary
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