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Balochi in English
Baluchi, Iranian language spoken in Baluchistan

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Balochi in Arabic
اللغة البلوشية, لغة ايرانية مستعملة في بلوشستان

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Balochi in Spanish
Baluchi, idioma iraní hablado en Beluchistán

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Balochi in Turkish
Baloç dili, Baloçistan'da konuşulan bir İran dili

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Balochi in Italian
Baluchi, lingua iraniana parlata nel Baluchistan

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Balochi in French
baloutchi ou baloutche, langue iranienne parlée au Baloutchistan

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Balochi in German
Baluchi, iranische Sprache, die in Baluchistan gesprochen wird

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Balochi in Hebrew
בלוצ'י, שפה איראנית המדוברת בבלוצ'יסטאן

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Balochi in English
Baloch, or Balochistan may refer to:
  • Balochistan, an arid region on the Iranian plateau in south-western Asia, named after the native Baloch tribes
  • Balochistan, Pakistan, the province of Balochi people in southwest Pakistan
  • Baloch people, an ethnic group native to the Balochistan region
  • Balochi language, the language of the Baloch people spoken by Balochi people
  • Balochi cuisine, the food and cuisine of the Baloch people
  • Baluchi, Iran (disambiguation), several places in Iran
  • Baloch National Movement, a Baloch nationalist political organization in Pakistan
  • Baloch (Gujarat), a Muslim community in India, descended from the Baloch people
  • Baluch (Uttar Pradesh), a Muslim community of Baloch descent found in North India
  • Beluch, a Baloch ethnic sub-group in Turkmenistan
  • Baloch (surname)

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Eastern Balochi is a language spoken mainly in Pakistan and also in part of India.
The language is: Eastern Balochi Western Balochi is an Iranian language spoken in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkmenistan.
The language is: Western Balochi

Dictionary source: JM Languages
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1. an Iranian language spoken in Pakistan and Iran and Afghanistan and Russia and the Persian gulf
(synonym) Baluchi
(hypernym) Iranian, Iranian language

Dictionary source: WordNet 2.0
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