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Bari in English
ancient Barium, capital of the region Apulia in southeast Italy on the Adriatic sea, second main city in southern Italy and a strategically positioned seaport and a university city, flourishing commercial and industrial centre

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Bari in English
Bari (Bari dialect: Bare; ; , Bárion) is the capital city of the Metropolitan City of Bari and of the Apulia  region, on the Adriatic Sea, in Italy. It is the second most important economic centre of mainland Southern Italy after Naples, and is well known as a port and university city, as well as the city of Saint Nicholas. The city itself has a population of about 326,799, as of 2015, over , while the urban area counts 653,028 inhabitants over . The metropolitan area counts 1 million inhabitants.

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Bara or Barah may refer to:

  • Bara (name), a given name and surname
  • Bara people, in central southern Madagascar
  • Tetsuo Sakaibara, Japanese musician and former member of the noise group Merzbow

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The Motilone, or Bari are names of a Native American ethnic group, part of the Chibcha family, remnants of the Tairona Culture concentrated in northeastern Colombia and western Venezuela in the Catatumbo River basin, in the Colombian Department of Northern Santander in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. They have been the subject of the French ethnologist Robert Jaulin's attention, who redefined the concept of ethnocide by observing their particular fate.

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Bari is a Nilotic language spoken in Sudan and Uganda.
The language is: Bari

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1. capital city of the Apulia region on the Adriatic coast
(hypernym) city, metropolis, urban center
(part-holonym) Puglia, Apulia

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Bari & South Africa

Birthdate: June 21, 1969
Birthplace: Stilfontein, South Africa
Height: 1.87 mts
Weight: 80 kgs
Position: Forward
International: 52 caps, 15 goals (as of August 2, 2000)
World Cups: 1 (1998)
Previous Clubs: Mamelodi, Leeds United, St. Gallen, Salernitana
Transfer Fee: -
Leggy and quick striker who is good at either running onto chances or at holding the ball up for others to join the play, Masinga was signed by Leeds United at the same time as they acquired Radebe but he did not settle as well and ended up in Italy with Bari where he has fought against relegation with some important goals. Good at improvising to get his shots in when he sees the chance to score.

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Italy 39 -80

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India 91-5647

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Country name:
conventional long form: none
conventional short form: Somalia
former: Somali Republic, Somali Democratic Republic
Government type:
no permanent national government; transitional, parliamentary federal government
Administrative divisions:
18 regions (plural - NA, singular - gobolka); Awdal, Bakool, Banaadir, Bari, Bay, Galguduud, Gedo, Hiiraan, Jubbada Dhexe, Jubbada Hoose, Mudug, Nugaal, Sanaag, Shabeellaha Dhexe, Shabeellaha Hoose, Sool, Togdheer, Woqooyi Galbeed
1 July 1960 (from a merger of British Somaliland, which became independent from the UK on 26 June 1960, and Italian Somaliland, which became independent from the Italian-administered UN trusteeship on 1 July 1960, to form the Somali Republic)
National holiday:
Foundation of the Somali Republic, 1 July (1960); note - 26 June (1960) in Somaliland
25 August 1979, presidential approval 23 September 1979
note: the formation of transitional governing institutions, known as the Transitional Federal Government, is currently ongoing
Legal system:
no national system; Shari'a and secular courts are in some localities
18 years of age; universal
Executive branch:
chief of state: Abdullahi YUSUF Ahmed (since 14 October 2004); note - a new Transitional Federal Government consisting of a 275-member parliament was established in October 2004 but remains resident in Nairobi, Kenya, and has not extablished effective governance inside Somalia
head of government: Prime Minister Ali Muhammad GHEDI (since 24 December 2004)
cabinet: Cabinet appointed by the prime minister and approved by the Transitional Federal Assembly
election results: Abdullahi YUSUF Ahmed, the leader of the Puntland region of Somalia, was elected president by the Transitional Federal Assembly
Legislative branch:
unicameral National Assembly
note: fledgling parliament; a 275-member Transitional Federal Assembly; the new parliament consists of 61 seats assigned to each of four large clan groups (Darod, Digil-Mirifle, Dir, and Hawiye) with the remaining 31 seats divided between minority clans
Judicial branch:
following the breakdown of the central government, most regions have reverted to local forms of conflict resolution, either secular, traditional clan-based arbitration, or Islamic (Shari'a) law with a provision for appeal of all sentences
Political parties and leaders:
Political pressure groups and leaders:
numerous clan and subclan factions are currently vying for power
International organization participation:
Diplomatic representation in the US:
Somalia does not have an embassy in the US (ceased operations on 8 May 1991); note - the TNG and other factions have representatives in Washington and at the United Nations
Diplomatic representation from the US:
the US does not have an embassy in Somalia; US interests are represented by the US Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya at United Nations Avenue, Gigira, Nairobi; mailing address: Unit 64100, Nairobi; APO AE 09831; telephone: [254] (20) 363-6000; FAX [254] (20) 363-6157
Flag description:
light blue with a large white five-pointed star in the center; blue field influenced by the flag of the UN
Government - note:
although an interim government was created in 2004 other governing bodies continue to exist and control various cities and regions of the country, including the self-declared Republic of Somaliland, and traditional clan and faction strongholds

More about Somalia:

  • Introduction
  • Geography
  • People
  • Economy
  • Communications
  • Transportation
  • Military
  • Transnational Issues

  • Copyright: The World Factbook 2005, by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Dictionary source: CIA World Factbook 2005
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    Bancorp Rhode Island, Inc.
    Exchange: Nasdaq
    Bank holding company with subsidiaries which perform commercial banking operations mortgage banking and other related financial activities.

    Dictionary source: Company Info: Ticker, Name, Description
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    A blue star circled by Baros, home planet of the Brubbs. [GG4]

    Dictionary source: Star Wars Planeten
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    Bari in Russian
    (n) Бари

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    Bari in Romanian
    (chim) bariu (Ba)
       (chim) sticlă de barită
       (chim) barită
       (chim) sulfat / alb de bariu
       (chim) efect termic izobar
       (fiz) izobar; izobaric
       (chim) hidroxid de bariu

    Dictionary source: Victors - English Romanian Technical Dictionary
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