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Bres in English
legendary tyrannical Irish king and god of fertility and agriculture, husband of the goddess Brigit (Celtic Mythology)

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Bres in Arabic
(الميثولوجيا الكلتية) ملك ايرلندي أسطوري مستبد, اله الخصب والزراعة, زوج الالهة بريجيت

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Bres in Spanish
Bres, legendario y tiránico rey irlandés y dios de la fertilidad y la agricultura, esposo de la diosa Brigit (Mitología Celta)

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Bres in Dutch
legendarische tirannieke Ierse koning en god van de vruchtbaarheid en landbouw, echtgenoot van de godin Brigit (Keltische mythologie)

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Bres in Portuguese
Bres, lendário rei irlandês tirânico e deus da fertilidade e agricultura, marido da deusa Brigite (Mitologia Céltica)

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Bres in Turkish
efsanevi gaddar bir İrlandalı kral bereket ve tarım Tanrısı, Tanrıça Brigit'in kocası (Kelt Mitolojisi)

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Bres in Italian
Bres, leggendario re tirannico irlandese e dio della fertilità e dell'agricoltura, sposo della dea Brigit (mitologia celtica)

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Bres in French
Bres, roi et dieu de l'agriculture et la fertilité (Légende irlandaise), époux de la déesse Brigit (Mythologie celtique)

Dictionary source: Babylon English-French Dictionary
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Bres in German
Bres, legendärer irischer Tyrann und Fruchtbarkeitsgottheit, Ehemann der Gottheit Birgit (Keltische Mythologie)

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Bres in Hebrew
ברס, מלך אירי רודני אגדתי ואל פריון וחקלאות אירי קלטי, בעלה של האלה בריג'יט (מיתולוגיה קלטית)

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Bres in English
For the legendary Irish High King, see Bres Rí; for the Marvel Comics character, see Bres (comics)
In Irish mythology, Bres (or Bress) was a king of the Tuatha Dé Danann. He is often referred to by the name Eochaid / Eochu Bres. His parents were Prince Elatha of the Fomorians and Eri, daughter of Delbaith. He was an unpopular king, and favoured his Fomorian kin. He grew so quickly that by the age of seven he was the size of a 14-year-old.

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Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory is a U.S. Government-owned research and development facility operated by Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation and located in the Pittsburgh suburb of West Mifflin, Pennsylvania. It solely focuses on the design and development of nuclear power for the U.S. Navy and was one of the leaders in creating the "nuclear navy".

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Giacomo Bresadola (Mezzana, Trento; often given as Giacopo) 14 February 1847 – Trento 9 June 1929) was an eminent Italian mycologist. Fungi he named include the deadly Lepiota helveola and Inocybe patouillardii, though the latter is now known as Inocybe erubescens as this latter description predated Bresadola's by a year. He was a founding member of the Société mycologique de France (Mycology Society of France).

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Bres = a. having a bunchy top

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Bres in Persian
الگوريتم برزنهام

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Bres in Hebrew
(ש"פ) ברס. אל פריון וחקלאות אירי קלטי. בנו של אלתה, נסיך פומורי ושל האלה אריו.

Dictionary source: English Hebrew Paganism Dictionary
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