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Cajun french in English
variety of the French language spoken mainly in Louisiana

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Cajun french in English
Cajun French (commonly called Louisiana Regional French, and related to but distinct from the historical Colonial, or Plantation Society, French) is a variety of the French language spoken primarily in Louisiana, specifically in the southern parishes. The Cajuns assimilated the Colonial Louisiana French dialect, but many mistakenly label it Cajun French. Significant populations of Louisianians—descended from European, African, and Native American ancestors—continue to speak these varieties of French. Parishes where these dialects are still found include, but are not limited to, Acadia, Assumption, Avoyelles, Cameron, Iberia, Lafayette, Lafourche, St. Martin, St. Mary,  Terrebonne, Pointe Coupée, Vermillion, and other parishes of southern Louisiana.

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Cajun French is a language spoken in southern Louisiana, USA by the descendents of French-Canadians who arrived in the 18th century.
The language is: Cajun French

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