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Doozy in English
something wonderful or extraordinary, something unique, something that is outstanding of its type

Dictionary source: Babylon English-English
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Doozy in Arabic
رائع, شيء رائع وغير عادي, شيء خاص, شيء خاص جدا بالنسبة لنوعة

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Arabic Dictionary
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Doozy in Spanish
algo maravilloso o extraordinario, algo único, algo que está pendiente de su tipo

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Spanish Dictionary
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Doozy in Turkish
muhteşem veya olağanüstü şey, eşsiz şey, türünün harikulade bir örneği olan şey

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Turkish Dictionary
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Doozy in Italian
qualcosa di unico e straordinario

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Italian Dictionary
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Doozy in French
quelque chose de merveilleux ou d'extraordinaire, quelque chose d'unique, quelque chose qui est remarquable

Dictionary source: Babylon English-French Dictionary
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Doozy in German
etwas Wunderbares oder Außerordentliches, etwas Eingenartiges

Dictionary source: Babylon English-German Dictionary
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Doozy in Hebrew
משהו נהדר ומדהים, משהו מיוחד, משהו יוצא דופן מסוגו

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Hebrew Dictionary
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Doozy in English
Duesenberg Motors Company (sometimes referred to as "Duesy") was an American manufacturer of race cars and luxury automobiles. It was founded in St. Paul,MN, United States by brothers August and Frederick Duesenberg in 1913, where they built engines and race cars. The brothers moved their operations to Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1916 to manufacture engines for WW I. In 1919, when their government contracts were cancelled, they moved to Indianapolis, Indiana,home of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, established the Duesenberg Automobile and Motors Company, Inc. (Delaware) and built outstanding automobiles. In late 1926, E.L. Cord added Duesenberg to his Auburn Automobile Company. With the market for expensive luxury cars severely undercut by the Depression, Duesenberg folded in 1937.

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