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Elohim in English
God, one of the main names by which God is designated in the Old Testament

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Elohim in Arabic
إلوهيم, الله, واحدة من أسماء الله المركزية في العهد القديم

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Elohim in Spanish
Dios, uno de los nombres principales con el cual Dios es llamado en el Viejo Testamento

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Elohim in Portuguese
Elohim, Deus, um dos principais nomes de Deus como está escrito no Velho Testamento

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Elohim in Turkish
Elohim, Tanrı, Tevrat’ta Tanrı için gösterilen isimlerden biri

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Elohim in Italian
Dio, uno dei nomi con cui viene designato Dio nel Vecchio Testimento

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Elohim in French
Elokim, (soit Elohim), Dieu, un des noms par lequel on désigne Dieu dans l'Ancien Testament

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Elohim in German
Elohim, Gott, einer der Hauptnamen mit welchen Gott in Alten Testament erwähnt wird

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Elohim in Japanese
エロヒム, 旧約聖書の神

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Elohim in Hebrew
אלוהים, אלוקים, אל, הבורא, השם

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Elohim in English
Elohim 'elohim (Hebrew) [from 'eloah goddess + im masculine plural ending] The monotheistic proclivities, not only of the Jews but of Christian translators, have led to this word always being translated as God; yet the word itself is a plural form, nor is it in any sense necessarily a plural of majesty, as suggested by some monotheistic scholars. A correct rendering should denote both masculine and feminine characteristics, such as androgyne divinities.
In spite of the ideas imbodied in the word itself, the later development of Judaism caused 'elohim to be almost entirely translated in paraphrase as the "one true God"; but in earlier times 'elohim (or rather benei 'elohim or benei 'elim -- sons of gods, members of the classes of divine beings) meant spiritual beings or cosmic spirits of differing hierarchical grades: a collective class of cosmic spirits among whom is found the familiar Jewish Yahweh or Jehovah. Thus, strictly speaking and as viewed in the original Qabbalah, the 'elohim meant the angelic hierarchies of many varying grades of spirituality or ethereality; and in cosmogonic or astrological matters, the 'elohim were often mentally aggregated under the generalized term tseba'oth [fem pl from the verbal root tsaba' a host, an army] as in the expression "host of heaven."
In the Jewish Qabbalah the 'elohim, however, are the sixth hierarchical group in derivation from the first or Crown, Kether: cosmogonically they represent the manifested formers or weavers of the cosmos.
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Dictionary source: Rakefet
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\e*lo"him\ (?), n. [heb.] one of the principal names by which god is designated in the hebrew scriptures.

Dictionary source: hEnglish - advanced version
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Elohim (Hebrew: אֱלֹהִים) is a grammatically plural noun for "gods" or "Deity" in Biblical Hebrew. In the modern it is often times referred to in the singular despite the -im ending that denotes plural masculine nouns in Hebrew.

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Elohim, God

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One of the principal names by which God is designated in the Hebrew Scriptures.

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Elohim in Russian
(n) бог (0) элогим

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Elohim in Thai
n. พระเจ้า.

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Elohim in Vietnamese
Thiên Chúa

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