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Garre in English
The Garre are a Somali pastoralist clan who live in Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. They are sub-clan of the Digil clan. Almost all speak the Garre language, though it may be secondary to the Maay speaking sub-clan of Darrawe (Darrawa) who speak Maay as their first language. Their urban centers include Mandera, Moyale Takaba, Banisa and El Wak. The Garre are divided into the Tuff and Quranyowa sub-clans. While the Tuffs are further divided into the Ali and Adola groups, the Quranyow are divided into the Asare and Furkesha.

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Garre is a Cushitic language spoken by the Garre people of southern Somalia.
The language is: Garre

Dictionary source: JM Languages
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Garre in Arabic
داءُ غاريه

Dictionary source: English to Arabic Medical Dictionary
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Garre in Romanian
(agr) magazie de cereale; siloz; (cstr) pod de casă; mansardă
   (cstr) planşeu de pod; mansardă
   (arh, cstr) mansardă
   (cstr) lucarnă, fereastră de mansardă

Dictionary source: Victors - English Romanian Technical Dictionary
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