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Haaretz in English
daily newspaper in Israel

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Haaretz in Chinese (s)

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Chinese (S) Dictionary
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Haaretz in Arabic
هآريتس, جريدة يومية أسرائيلية

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Haaretz in Spanish
Nombre de periódico diario israelí

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Haaretz in Dutch
"Haäretz", naam van dagelijkse krant in Israël

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Haaretz in Portuguese
Haaretz, jornal diário israelense

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Haaretz in Turkish
Haaretz, İsrail'de çıkan günlük gazete

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Haaretz in Italian
"haaretz", quotidiano israeliano

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Haaretz in French
"Haaretz", journal quotidien d'Israël

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Haaretz in German
Haaretz, israelische Tageszeitung

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Haaretz in Japanese
ハーレツ, イスラエルの日刊紙

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Haaretz in Hebrew
"הארץ", עיתון יומי בישראל

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Haaretz in Swedish
Haaretz, dagstidning i Israel

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Haaretz in English
Haaretz (lit. "The Land [of Israel]", originally Ḥadashot Ha'aretz – , – "News [of] the Land [of Israel]") is Israel's oldest daily newspaper. It was founded in 1918 and is now published in both Hebrew and English in Berliner format. The English edition is published and sold together with the International New York Times. Both Hebrew and English editions can be read on the Internet. In North America, it comes out as a weekly newspaper, combining articles from the Friday edition with a roundup from the rest of the week. It is known for its staunch left-wing and liberal stances on domestic and foreign issues.

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