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Ikea in English
Swedish chain of home furnishing stores with headquarters in Sweden and the Netherlands

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Ikea in Spanish
cadena sueca de tiendas de muebles para el hogar con sede en Suecia y en los Países Bajos

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Ikea in Dutch
Zweedse keten van meubelwinkels met hoofdkwartieren in Zweden en Nederland

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Ikea in Portuguese
Ikea, rede de lojas de móveis sueca

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Ikea in Turkish
Ikea, İsveç ve Hollanda merkezli ev mefruşatı mağazalar zinciri

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Ikea in Italian
catena svedese di punti vendita in tutto il mondo di mobilio e attrezzi per la casa, la sede centrale è in Svezia e Olanda

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Ikea in French
Ikea, chaîne suédoise de mobiliers et d'accessoires pour la maison

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Ikea in German
Ikea, schwedische Möbelkette mit Hauptsitz in Schweden und den Niederlanden

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Ikea in Hebrew
איקאה, רשת שוודית של חנויות לריהוט ביתי שמשרדיה הראשיים בשוודיה ובהולנד

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Ikea in English
IKEA (; ) is a multinational group of companies that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture (such as beds, chairs and desks), appliances, small motor vehicles and home accessories. As of January 2008, it is the world's largest furniture retailer. Founded in Sweden in 1943 by then-17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad, who was listed as one of the world's richest people in 2013, the company's name is an acronym that consists of the initials of Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd (the farm where he grew up), and Agunnaryd (his hometown in Småland, south Sweden). The company is known for its modern architectural designs for various types of appliances and furniture, and its interior design work is often associated with an eco-friendly simplicity. In addition, the firm is known for its attention to cost control, operational details, and continuous product development, corporate attributes that allowed IKEA to lower its prices by an average of two to three percent over the decade to 2010 during a period of global expansion. The IKEA group has a complex corporate structure and is controlled by several foundations based in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.

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