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Jasher in English
(Hebrew) book which records the history of the Jews from the time of the Jewish patriarchs until the conquest of the land of Israel (Hebrew) righteous; upright

Dictionary source: Babylon English-English
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Jasher in Arabic
جاشر, (عبري) كتاب يسجل التاريخ اليهودي من وقت أحبار اليهود إلى وقت فتح أرض إسرائيل مستقيم, (عبرية) صالح; يستقيم

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Arabic Dictionary
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Jasher in Spanish
(Hebreo) justo, ético, honesto; recto; libro que recopila la historia de los judíos desde los tiempos de los Patriarcas hasta la conquista de la tierra de Israel (Hebreo) derecho; recto, honesto, honrado

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Spanish Dictionary
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Jasher in Dutch
(Hebreeuws) rechtschapen, eerlijk, rechtvaardig; geschiedenisboek over de joden vanaf de tijd van de joodse patriarchen tot de beheersing van het land Israël (Hebreeuws) eerlijk, rechtvaardig; rechtuit

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Dutch Dictionary
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Jasher in Portuguese
íntegro, justo (Hebraico); ereto; livro que registra a história dos judeus desde a época dos patriarcas judaicos até a conquista da terra de Israel (Hebraico) justo, íntegro; honesto

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Portuguese Dictionary
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Jasher in Turkish
Jasher, (İbranice), Yahudi patrikleri zamanından İsrail topraklarının fethine kadar Yahudi tarihini kaydeden kitap (İbranice) dürüst; dik

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Turkish Dictionary
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Jasher in Italian
(ebraico) retto, giusto; libro che narra la storia degli ebrei dai Patriarchi alla conquista della terra di Israele (Ebraismo) retto, virtuoso

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Italian Dictionary
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Jasher in French
livre de Jasher (livre de la rigueur- del'Hébreu), livre qui relate l'Histoire du Peuple Hébreu depuis les Patriarches jusquà l'acquisition de la terre d'Israël (Ancien Testament) droit, rigoureux, honnête, juste, pieux (Hébreu)

Dictionary source: Babylon English-French Dictionary
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Jasher in German
Jasher, (Hebräisch) Buch das die jüdische Geschichte vom Zeitalter der Patriarchen bis zur Eroberung des Landes Israels erzählt (Hebräisch) rechtschaffen; ehrlich

Dictionary source: Babylon English-German Dictionary
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Jasher in Japanese
(ヘブライ語)ヨシュア, 正しいもの; 真っ直ぐなもの; ユダヤ人の祖からイスラエル国の征服までの歴史的記録の本 (ヘブライ語)正しい; まっすぐな

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Japanese Dictionary
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Jasher in Hebrew
(בעברית) ישר, צדיק, מוסרי; ספר הישר, ספר שנכתבו בו תולדות עם-ישראל מימי האבות ועד להשלמת כיבוש הארץ ישר, צדיק, מוסרי; הוגן

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Hebrew Dictionary
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Jasher in English
Jasher, Book of; Sepher Hay-Yashar Sepher Hay-Yashar (Hebrew) Book of the upright or honorable ones; a poetic collection of Hebrew stories and allegories portraying the religious beliefs of the people of the time of its compilation. Regarded by some scholars as a 12th century composition in Spain, others hold it is not earlier than the time of Solomon. At all events, the Book of Jasher is older than the Mosaic Pentatuech, because references to it are found in Joshua 10:13, 2 Samuel, and Isaiah. "Although rejected by the orthodox Rabbis, we cannot help thinking that, as in the case of the apocryphal Gospels, . . . the Book of Jasher is the true original from which the subsequent Bible was in part composed . . . . both are corner-stones of the Mosaic and Christian religions" (IU 2:399).

Dictionary source: Rakefet
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(upright),Book of ("the book of the upright"), alluded to in two passages only of the Old Testament. (Joshua 10:13) and 2Sam 1:18 It was probably written in verse; and it has been conjectured that it was a collection of ancient records of honored men or noble deeds. It is wholly lost.

Copyright: Smith's Bible Dictionary (1884) , by William Smith. About Dictionary source: Smith's Bible Dictionary
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Sefer haYashar (Hebrew  ספר הישר "Book of the Upright One"). In English, Jashar was traditionally left untranslated and rendered Book of Jasher.

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righteous; upright

Copyright: Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary (1869) , by Roswell D. Hitchcock. About Dictionary source: Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary
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upright. "The Book of Jasher," rendered in the LXX. "the Book of the Upright One," by the Vulgate "the Book of Just Ones," was probably a kind of national sacred song-book, a collection of songs in praise of the heroes of Israel, a "book of golden deeds," a national anthology. We have only two specimens from the book, (1) the words of Joshua which he spake to the Lord at the crisis of the battle of Beth-horon (Josh. 10:12, 13); and (2) "the Song of the Bow," that beautiful and touching mournful elegy which David composed on the occasion of the death of Saul and Jonathan (2 Sam. 1:18-27).

Dictionary source: Easton's Bible Dictionary
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