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Jod in English
Yod, Yodh (Hebrew) The tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet representing the number 10. A great deal has been written about this Hebrew character by Jewish Qabbalists because it is the first character in the name of the Hebrew God (IHVH) transliterated as Jehovah or Yahweh. The pronunciation of this name for ages past has been lost, and the Jews, when coming upon it in the Bible, have either mentally or aloud substituted the word 'Adonai (my Lords).
The Jewish IHVH was but the ancient Hebrew form of the deity equally recognized, although with far less reverence, by other ancient nations of the Near East, called Yaho among the Phoenicians, Iao among the Gnostics, etc. It was an androgynous deity, recognized as existing in nature, and mystically having an intimate magnetic connection with the planet Saturn. The influence of this cosmic bipolar force is known everywhere, expressing itself as positive and negative or in human beings as male and female. This deity is by no means one of the highest or most spiritual in the solar system, being one of the manifested cosmic powers rather than one of the unmanifest spiritualities. In fact the four-lettered name, IHVH or Tetragrammaton, from one view is as Blavatsky remarks, "pre-eminently phallic." Ancient Jewish initiates equally with initiates of other countries turned to their 'eyn soph as the loftiest encompassing universal life-wisdom, very much as the ancient Hindus turned to parabrahman for the same reasons.

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Jod may refer to:
  • Jod, alternate name for the deity Velns in Latvian mythology
  • Jod, alternate spelling of jor (music), an aspect of Indian music
  • Jod, alternate spelling of Yodh, a letter of the Semitic alphabet
  • JOD, ISO 4217 code for the Jordanian dinar 
  • JOD, acronym for John O'Donnell Stadium (now Modern Woodmen Park) in Davenport, Iowa
  • JOD, acronym for the SEGA game
  • Jód, the Hungarian name for Ieud Commune, Maramures County, Romania
  • Jod, alternate name for the Jack of Diamonds card game
  • Jod, Iran, a village in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran

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Ieud (, ) is a commune in Maramureș County in northern Romania. The commune is situated in the central part of Maramureș County, on the banks of the Ieudișor, a tributary of the Iza River. It is composed of a single village, Ieud.

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v. stoop

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Jod in Arabic
دينار أردني

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دينار أردني

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Jod in Slovak

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