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Kama sutra in English
ancient Sanskrit book which contains pictures and explanations about different sexual positions

Dictionary source: Babylon English-English
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Kama sutra in Arabic
كاماسوترا, كتاب سانسكريت القديم الذي يحتوى على صور وتوضيحات لاوضاع جنسية مختلفة

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Arabic Dictionary
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Kama sutra in Spanish
Cama Sutra (libro de India que contiene dibujos y explicaciones acerca de posiciones sexuales)

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Spanish Dictionary
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Kama sutra in Dutch
Cama Sutra (indisch boek met tekeningen en uitleg betreffende sexuele houdingen)

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Dutch Dictionary
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Kama sutra in Portuguese
Kama Sutra (livro Hindu que contém ilustrações e explicações sobre posições eróticas)

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Portuguese Dictionary
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Kama sutra in Turkish
Kama Sutra, değişik seks pozisyonlarıyla ilgili resimler ve açıklamalar içeren eski Sanskrit kitabı

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Turkish Dictionary
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Kama sutra in Italian
Cama Sutra (libro indiano illustrativo ed esplicativo in materia di sesso)

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Italian Dictionary
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Kama sutra in French
Cama Sutra (livres des Indes avec photos et explications sur les relations sexuelles)

Dictionary source: Babylon English-French Dictionary
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Kama sutra in German
Kamasuthra (hinduistisches Buch der Philosopie, im Westen mißverstanden aufgrund der erotischen Zeichnungen)

Dictionary source: Babylon English-German Dictionary
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Kama sutra in Japanese

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Japanese Dictionary
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Kama sutra in Hebrew
קאמה סוטרא, ספר הודי המכיל ציורים והסברים בנוגע לתנוחות מיניות

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Hebrew Dictionary
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Kama sutra in Swedish
Cama Sutra (indisk bok med teckningar och förklaringar angående olika sexuella positioner)

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Swedish Dictionary
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Kama sutra in English
The Kama Sutra ( , ) is an ancient  Indian Hindu text widely considered to be the standard work on human sexual behavior in Sanskrit literature written by Vatsyayana. A portion of the work consists of practical advice on sexual intercourse. It is largely in prose, with many inserted anustubh poetry verses. "Kama" which is one of the four goals of Hindu life, means desire including sexual desire the latter being the subject of the textbook, and "sutra" literally means a thread or line that holds things together, and more metaphorically refers to an aphorism (or line, rule, formula), or a collection of such aphorisms in the form of a manual. Contrary to popular perception, especially in the western world, Kama sutra is not exclusively a sex manual; it presents itself as a guide to a virtuous and gracious living that discusses the nature of love, family life and other aspects pertaining to pleasure oriented faculties of human life. Kama Sutra, in parts of the world, is presumed or depicted as a synonym for creative sexual positions; in reality, only 20% of Kama Sutra is about sexual positions. The majority of the book, notes Jacob Levy, is about the philosophy and theory of love, what triggers desire, what sustains it, how and when it is good or bad.

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