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Kamar in English
for the village in Seram Island, see Kamar, Indonesia.

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Kamar is a language spoken in India.
The language is: Kamar

Dictionary source: JM Languages
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A dry, hot planet orbiting a white star, Kamar is located just outside the Corporate Sector border and is the homeworld of the insect-like Kamarians. Kamar's native flora includes miser-plants, barrel-scrub, and sting- brush, while its fauna includes digworms, stingworms, bloodsniffers, nightswifts, and howlrunners-- canine hunters with heads resembling human skulls. The nocturnal Kamarians live in small groups called tk'skqua, and their more sophisticated nations have developed technology such as nuclear explosives and fluidic control systems. Members of the unique Kamarian Badlander culture choose to live in the most arid and harsh areas of the planet. Han Solo inadvertently started a new religion among the Kamarian Badlanders based on the holofeature Varn, World of Water during a visit to the planet. [HSR, CSSB]

Dictionary source: Star Wars Planeten
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