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Kosa in English
Kosa (Sanskrit) [from the verbal root kus to hold, enclose, embrace] A sheath or covering; its primary meaning is of enfoldment or containment. Philosophically, it is generally rendered sheath or encasement, also sometimes principle by Blavatsky. Five are enumerated in Vedantic philosophy (the panchakosa), corresponding very closely with the theosophical sevenfold classification of human principles, as seen in the following table made by Subba Row:
Classification in Esoteric Buddhism ---- in Vedantic ---- in Taraka-Raja-Yoga
1. Sthula-sarira [physical body] ---- Annamaya-kosa [sheath formed of food]
2. Prana [breath, life] ---- Pranamaya-kosa [sheath of life] ---- Sthulopadhi
3. Vehicle of Prana [linga-sarira]
4. Kama-rupa [Kama] ---- Manomaya-kosa ---- Sukshmopadhi
5. Mind
a) volitions [Sheath of mind and feelings]
b)Vijnana ---- Vijnanamaya-kosa [Sheath of intellect]
6. Spiritual Soul [buddhi] ---- Anandamaya-kosa [sheath of bliss] ---- Karanopadhi
7. Atman [Self] ---- Atman ---- Atman Body. See PRINCIPLES, HUMAN; KOSA; STHULA-SARIRA; etc.

Dictionary source: Rakefet
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Kosa is a Swedish sports equipment manufacturer, situated in Hallsberg, Sweden and mainly concentrated on equipment for bandy. Kosa is one of the leading brands in the sport, making bandy sticks, bandy balls, and other equipment.

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, also known as Hongan-ji Kennyo (本願寺 顕如), was the 11th head of the Hongan-ji in Kyoto, and Chief Abbot of Ishiyama Hongan-ji, cathedral fortress of the Ikkō-ikki (Buddhist warrior monks and peasants who opposed samurai rule), during its siege at the end of the Sengoku Period. He engineered many alliances, and organized the defenses of the cathedral to the point that most at the time considered Ishiyama Hongan-ji to be unbreachable.

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KOSA-TV, channel 7, is the CBS affiliate for the Permian Basin area of West Texas licensed to Odessa. KOSA's studios and transmitter are both located inside the Music City Mall on East 42nd Street in Odessa. A secondary studio and bureau are located in downtown Midland. The station is owned by Gray Television. KOSA also operates a MyNetworkTV affiliate on its second digital subchannel, known as MyTV 16, after its position on most area cable systems.

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A Kosha (also Kosa; Sanskrit , IAST: ), usually rendered "sheath", is a covering of the Atman, or Self according to Vedantic philosophy. There are five Koshas, and they are often visualised as the layers of an onion.

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