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MANAS in English
Manas (Sanskrit) [from the verbal root man to think] The seat of mentation and egoic consciousness; the third principle in the descending scale of the sevenfold human constitution. Manas is the human person, the reincarnating ego, immortal in essence, enduring in its higher aspects through the entire manvantara. When imbodied, manas is dual, gravitating toward buddhi in its higher aspects and in its lower aspects toward kama. The first is intuitive mind, the second the animal, ratiocinative consciousness, the lower mentality and passions of the personality. " 'Manas is dual -- lunar in the lower, solar in its upper portion' . . . and herein is contained the mystery of an adept's as of a profane man's life, as also that of the post-mortem separation of the divine from the animal man" (SD 2:495-6).
At present manas is not fully developed in mankind, and kama or desire is still ascendant. In the fifth round, however, manas "will be fully active and developed in the entire race. Hence the people of the earth have not yet come to the point of making a conscious choice as to the path they will take; but when in the cycle referred to, Manas is active, all will then be compelled to consciously make the choice to right or left, the one leading to complete and conscious union with Atma, the other to the annihilation of those beings who prefer that path" (Ocean 59).
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MAN Türkiye A.S., abbreviated to MANAS, is a joint company formerly known as MAN Kamyon ve Otobüs Sanayi A.S., founded in early 1966 in Turkey as a result of cooperation between a German company, MAN AG, and a Turkish company, Ercanlar A.S., to jointly manufacture heavy motor vehicles for Turkey.

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Manas may refer to:

Cultural anthropology
  • Epic of Manas, a Kyrgyz epic poem with 500,000 lines
  • The Pali and Sanskrit term for "mind"; see
    • Manas (early Buddhism)
    • Manas-vijnana, one of the eight consciousnesses taught in Yogacara Buddhism

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