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Nandi in English
Nandi (Sanskrit) [from the verbal root nand to rejoice] The happy one; title given to many of the higher gods of the Hindu pantheon.

Dictionary source: Rakefet
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Nandi is a Nizari Isma'ili ceremony during which food offered to the Imam-e Zaman is sold off at auction to people attending the Jamatkhana (the Ismaili place of worship). The money obtained through the sale of Nandi is sent to the Imam by a group of people from the Ismaili community (Jama'at) given that responsibility. The people in charge of selling the food are volunteers from the Jama'at, they announce what is on the plate and members of the Jama'at put their hands up to buy it. The preparation of the food is done at home and it is brought to the Jamatkhane, the Mukhi (Ismaili minister) mentions the food during a blessing and tells the congregation that it has been offered to the Imam and the benefits of it are for the whole Jamat, the food is known as "Mehmani." If no physical Mehmani has been brought to the Jamatkhana then a symbolic plate called the "Mehmani plate" can be touched during the Du'a Karavi ceremony, this serves as a substitute for physical food.

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Nandi may refer to:
  • Nandi (bull), the white bull on which Lord Shiva rides
  • Nandi Awards, Film awards given to Tollywood personalities and films
  • Nandi people, an ethnic group from Africa
    • Nandi languages
  • Nandi (mother of Shaka) (1760–1827), daughter of the Langeni tribe
  • Nandi County (formerly Nandi District), in Kenya
  • Nandi, Belgaum, a village in the state of Karnataka, India
  • Nandi Hills, India
  • Nandi Hills, Kenya, a highland area of lush green rolling hills at the edge of the Great Rift Valley in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya
  • Nandi An offering of food in Khoja ritual
  • Onandi Lowe (born 1974), Jamaican footballer nicknamed Nandi
  • The old spelling for the Fijian city Nadi

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Nandi is a Bantu language spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The language is: Nandi

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Nandi in Croatian
Nandski jezik

Dictionary source: English Croatian Dictionary(Mijic)
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