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Nez perce in English
Nez Perce may refer to:
  • Nez Perce people, Native American people living in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.
    • Nez Perce language, their language.
  • Nez Perce War, an 1877 war between the Nez Perce tribe and U.S. Government.
  • Nez Perce Traditional Site, Wallowa Lake, a Nez Perce cemetery near Joseph, Oregon.
  • Nez Perce County, Idaho, a county in Idaho.
  • Nezperce, Idaho, a city in Lewis County, Idaho.
  • Nez Perce National Forest, a U.S. National Forest in Idaho.
  • Nez Perce Peak, a mountain in Grand Teton Nation Park.
  • Nez Perce Pass, a mountain pass in the Bitteroot mountains of Idaho and Montana.
  • Fort Nez Percés, a fur trading post in Washington Territory.
  • Nez Perce National Historical Park, a multi-state U.S. National Historic Park.
  • Nez Perce National Historic Trail, a trail commemorating the Nez Perce War.
  • Nez Perce Horse, a breed of horse used by the Nez Perce tribe.
  • Nez Perce Chief (sternwheeler), an 1860-70s steamboat operating on the Columbia River.
  • Nez Percé Stake Race, a type of competitive speed event for horses said to be inspired by the Nez Perce tribe.
  • The Nez Perce, a Douglas C-47 transport aircraft that was converted into a glider.

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Nez Perce is a Penutian language spoken in the USA.
The language is: Nez Perce

Dictionary source: JM Languages
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1. a member of a tribe of the Shahaptian people living on the pacific coast
(hypernym) Shahaptian, Sahaptin, Sahaptino
(hyponym) Joseph, Chief Joseph
2. the Shahaptian language spoken by the Nez Perce people
(hypernym) Shahaptian, Sahaptin

Dictionary source: WordNet 2.0
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