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Niue in English
self-governing island (dependency of New Zealand) in central Pacific Ocean that was discovered by Capt. James Cook in 1774, Savage Island

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Niue in Arabic
نييوي, جزيرة في وسط المحيط الهادئ (تحت رعاية نيوزلندا) اكتشفها جيمس كوك عام 1774

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Niue in Spanish
isla que se autogobierna (depende de Nueva Zelanda) en el Oceano Pacífico central y fue descubierta por el Capitán James Cook en 1774, Isla Salvaje

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Niue in Turkish
orta Pasifik Okyanusu'nda 1774'te Kaptan James Cook tarafından keşfedilen özerk ada (Yeni Zellanda kolonisi), Vahşi Ada

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Niue in Italian
isola dell'Oceano Pacifico, con governo autonomo (dipendenza della Nuova Zelanda)

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Niue in French
Niue aussi Nioué, pays insulaire de l'Océan Pacifique sud (dépendant de la Nouvelle Zélande) qui fut découvert par le Capitaine James Cook en 1774.

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Niue in German
Niue, autonome Insel (in Abhängigkeit von Neu Seeland) im Pazifik 1774 vom Kapitän James Cook entdeckt, Savage Island

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Niue in Hebrew
ניווה, אי אוטונומי בשלטון בריטי במרכז האוקיינוס השקט אותו גילה ג'יימס קוק בשנת 1774

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Niue in English
New Zealand dollar (NZD)

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Niue ( ; Niuean: Niue) is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean, northeast of New Zealand within the triangle formed by Tonga to the west, Samoa to the north, and the Cook Islands to the east. Its land area is and its population, predominantly Polynesian, is around 1,190. They commonly refer to the island as "The Rock", a reference to the traditional name "Rock of Polynesia".

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Niue International Airport , also known as Hanan International Airport, is an international airport serving the island nation of Niue. It is located in the town of Alofi and currently only serves Air New Zealand flying to and from Auckland twice a week, departing Auckland on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and departing Niue on Tuesdays and Fridays.

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Niue is a Polynesian language spoken in Niue.
The language is: Niue

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Country Code -683

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NU (Internet),
NU (ISO 3166),
NIU (ISO 3166),
NE (FIPS 10-4)

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Flag of Niue
Flag of Niue

Niue's remoteness, as well as cultural and linguistic differences between its Polynesian inhabitants and those of the rest of the Cook Islands, have caused it to be separately administered. The population of the island continues to drop (from a peak of 5,200 in 1966 to about 2,150 in 2005), with substantial emigration to New Zealand, 2,400 km to the southwest.

Map of Niue

Map of Niue

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    Alofi-Niue Island New Zealand

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    Niue in Chinese (t)
    [島嶼] 紐鄂島.

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    Niue in Russian
    (0) ниуэ

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