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Objective test in English
An objective test is a psychological test that measures an individual's characteristics independent of rater bias or the examiner's own beliefs, usually by the administration of a bank of questions marked and compared against exacting scoring mechanisms that are completely standardized, much in the same way that examinations are administered. Objective tests are often contrasted with projective tests, which are sensitive to rater's or examiner's beliefs. Projective tests  are based on Freudian Psychology (Psychoanalysis) and seek to expose the unconscious perceptions of people. Objective tests tend to have more validity than projective tests; however, they are still subject to the willingness of the examinee to be open about his/her personality and as such can sometimes be badly representative of the true personality of the subject. Projective tests purportedly expose certain aspects of the personality of individuals that are impossible to measure by means of an objective test, and are much more reliable at uncovering "protected" or unconscious personality traits or features.

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A test which having been documented and validated is under control so that it can be demonstrated that all appropriately trained staff will obtain the same results within defined limits. These defined limits relate to expressions of degrees of probability as well as numerical values.

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Objective test in Chinese (s)
objective turret 镜头转轮

Dictionary source: 专业字典 English Chinese Dictionary
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Objective test in Persian
آزمون هاي عيني آزمون هايي تربيتي كه در آن پرسش ها طوري ارائه مي شود كه براي آنها فقط يك پاسخ درست وجود داشته باشد، و تفسير شخصي آزماينده از فرايند نمره گذاري حذف شود.

Dictionary source: English Persian Industrial Engineering Dictionary
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روانشناسى : ازمون عينى
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Dictionary source: English Persian Dictionary (Hojjat Rabiee)
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