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Rasi in English
Rasi (Sanskrit) A heap, mass, quantity, number; in astronomy, a sign of the zodiac (as being a certain number of degrees); in astrology a mansion or house, a twelfth part of the ecliptic.

Dictionary source: Rakefet
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Rasi may refer to:
  • Francesco Rasi (1574–1621), Italian composer, singer (tenor), chitarrone player, and poet
  • Petteri Rasi, Finnish professional ice hockey player
  • Raasi (actress)
  • Ras-I Dowling (b. 1988), American football cornerback
  • Richard Raši (b. 1971), Slovak physician and politician

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shave; scratch| scrape; coast by

Dictionary source: JM Latin-English Dictionary
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Rasi in Romanian
(th) abraziune, roadere, şlefuire; (mec) răzuire; frecare
   (met, piel, th) rezistenţă la abraziune / uzură
   (th) rezistent la abraziune
   (met) abraziv; material de sablare / şlefuire
   (mas-un) banda abraziva
   (th) disc abraziv
   (mas-un) piatră abrazivă
   (met) curăţire prin sablare, sablare
   (cstr; mas-un, th) pânză abrazivă / de şmirghel
   (mas-un) disc abraziv ptr. tăierea metalelor
   (mas-un, met) disc de rectificat / de polizat
   (mas-un) pulbere abrazivă; (met) praf / pulbere de şlefuit
   (th) material abraziv
   (th) hârtie abraziva / de şmirghel
   (th) pastă de rodat
   (th) pulbere abrazivă; emeri, şmirghel
   (met) uzură abrazivă; (text) uzură prin frecare
   (mas-un) piatra de rectificat / de polizor
   (th) hârtie abrazivă
   (mas-un) praf de lepuit / rodat
   (el, tele) parazitar
   (el) current parazit
   (mec, met) rezistenţă la:(1) uzură prin frecare, abraziune / (2) încovoiere / (3) flambaj / (4) compresiune / (5) coroziune / (6) fluaj / (7) strivire / (8) deformare / (9) eroziune / (10) şoc / (11) rupere / (12) torsiune / (13) uzură

Dictionary source: Victors - English Romanian Technical Dictionary
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