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Sablefish in English
blackish fish used as food native of North American Pacific Ocean

Dictionary source: Babylon English-English
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Sablefish in Arabic
سمكة يميل لونها للأسود تؤكل في البحر الهاديء في شمال أمريكا

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Arabic Dictionary
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Sablefish in Spanish
pez negruzco utilizado como alimento nativo de América del Norte del Océano Pacífico

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Spanish Dictionary
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Sablefish in Portuguese
tipo de peixe

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Portuguese Dictionary
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Sablefish in Turkish
karabalık, Kuzey Amerika Pasifik Okyanusu'na özgü siyah yenilebilir bir balık

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Turkish Dictionary
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Sablefish in Italian
pesce di color scuro commestibile originario dell'Oceano Pacifico settentrionale (zool.)

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Italian Dictionary
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Sablefish in French
morue charbonnière, poisson à la peau noire présent dans le pacifique nord

Dictionary source: Babylon English-French Dictionary
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Sablefish in German
Kohlenfisch, verzehrbarer Fisch heimisch im nordamerikanischen Pazifik

Dictionary source: Babylon English-German Dictionary
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Sablefish in Japanese
ギンダラ, 北米の太平洋に生息する魚

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Japanese Dictionary
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Sablefish in Hebrew
דג מאכל שצבעו שחור המצוי באוקיינוס השקט בצפון אמריקה

Dictionary source: Babylon English-Hebrew Dictionary
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Sablefish in English
The sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria) is one of two members of the fish family Anoplopomatidae and the only species in the Anoplopoma genus. In English, common names for it include sable (USA), black cod (USA, UK, Canada), blue cod (UK), bluefish (UK), candlefish (UK), coal cod (UK), coalfish (Canada), beshow, and skil(fish) (Canada), although many of these names also refer to other, unrelated, species. In the USA, the FDA accepts only "sablefish" as the Acceptable Market Name; "black cod" is considered a vernacular (regional) name and should not be used as a Statement of Identity for this species. The sablefish is found in muddy sea beds in the North Pacific at depths of and is commercially important to Japan.

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Sablefish in Russian
(n) угольная рыба

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Sablefish in Portuguese
(=sable, black cod, blue cod, bluefish, candlefish, coal cod, coalfish, beshow, skilfish) peixe-carvão-do-pacífico

Dictionary source: Ivo Korytowski's English-Portuguese Translator's Dictionary
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