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Saint-Germain in English
"Referred to as an enigmatical personage by modern writers. Frederic II., King of Prussia, used to say of him that he was a man whom no one had ever been able to make out. Many are his 'biographies,' and each is wilder than the other. By some he was regarded as an incarnate god, by others as a clever Alsatian Jew. One thing is certain, Count de St. Germain -- whatever his real patronymic may have been -- had a right to his name and title, for he had bought a property called San Germano, in the Italian Tyrol, and paid the Pope for the title. He was uncommonly handsome, and his enormous erudition and linguistic capacities are undeniable, for he spoke English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Swedish, Danish, and many Slavonian and Oriental languages, with equal facility with a native. He was extremely wealthy, never received a sou from anyone -- in fact never accepted a glass of water or broke bread with anyone -- but made most extravagant presents of superb jewellery to all his friends, even to the royal families of Europe. His proficiency in music was marvellous; he played on every instrument, the violin being his favourite. 'St. Germain rivalled Paganinni himself,' was said of him by an octogenarian Belgian in 1835, after hearing the 'Genoses maestro.' 'It is St. Germain resurrected who plays the violin in the body of an Italian Skeleton,' exclaimed a Lithuanian baron who had heard both.
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Dictionary source: Rakefet
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Saint-Germain may refer to:

  • Saint Germain of Paris (496–576), bishop of Paris who founded Saint-Germain-des-Prés
  • Saint Germanus of Auxerre (c. 378–31 July 448, a bishop of Auxerre in Gaul
  • Germaine Cousin (1579–1601), French saint
  • Claude Louis, Comte de Saint-Germain (1707–1778), French general
  • Antoine-Louis Decrest de Saint-Germain (1761-1835), Count, French general, cavalry commander during the Napoleonic Wars
  • Count of St. Germain ("Comte de Saint-Germain"), 18th-century adventurer/scientist and mysterious gentleman who claimed to be centuries old
    • St. Germain (Theosophy), based on the Count of St. Germain, considered to be one of the central deities of Theosophy
  • St. Germain (musician), stage name of Ludovic Navarre, a French electronica and nu jazz musician
  • Christopher St. Germain, English legal writer
  • Tabitha St. Germain, Canadian actress and voice actress
  • Fernand St. Germain, American politician from Rhode Island
  • Karen St. Germain, member of the Louisiana House of Representatives
  • Gerry St. Germain, Canadian Senator

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Saint-Germain in Hebrew
סן ג'רמן - ינוח צרפתי המתאר מנה המוגשת עם\לצד אפונה ירוקה\מחית אפונה

Dictionary source: Gali's Gastronomical Dictionary
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