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Saltimbocca in English
Saltimbocca (also saltinbocca) (; Italian for jumps in the mouth) is a dish (popular in southern Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Greece) made of veal lined or topped with prosciutto and sage or basil; marinated in wine, oil or saltwater depending on the region or one's own taste. This dish is also occasionally topped with capers depending on individual taste.

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Literally, "jump in the mouth," an indication of just how good this classic Roman dish is. Slices of very young milk-fed veal are topped with prosciutto and a leaf of sage (held together by a toothpick), sautéed quickly in golden butter, and deglazed with white wine or a little water. Sometimes saltimbocca are rolled into plump little bundles.

Dictionary source: Glossary of Italian Culinary Terms
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Saltimbocca in Hebrew
סלטימבוקו - מעדן רומאי המורכב מנתח עגל חלב דק עליו שמים עלה מרוה ומעליו נתח פרושוטו (הכל מוחזק יחדיו עם קיסם או מגולגל). מקפיצים בחמאה ובוזקים מעל הכל יין לבן

Dictionary source: Gali's Gastronomical Dictionary
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