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Sdl in English
specification and design language.

Dictionary source: hEnglish - advanced version
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Specification and Description Language

Dictionary source: Computer Abbreviations v1.5
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SDL may refer to:

  • Specification and Description Language, an ITU-specified system description language
  • Security Development Lifecycle, a software development process by Microsoft
  • Structure Definition Language, in OpenVMS
  • Simple DirectMedia Layer, a cross-platform, free and open source multimedia library
  • Services Description Language, a specification language developed at Microsoft as a successor of CORBA's IDL; a fore-runner to Web Services Description Language
  • Scene Description Language, the language used by POV-Ray

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The Party of the Democratic Left (, SDL) was a social-democratic political party in Slovakia from 1990 to 2004. It was founded in 1990 out of the Communist Party of Slovakia.

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Microsoft Service Description Language
In order to utilize a service on a remote server using SOAP , the client needs to understand what the remote service is capable of. Using SDL, SOAP provides a way to query the remote service and learn about its capabilities, such as how it represents data types and commands. For example, using SDL one could learn that a particular service accepts two strings, searches for first string inside second, and returns true or false.
SDL is an XML document, and is very similar in concept as IDL (Interface Definition Language) except that IDL is platform specific and SDL is platform independent.

Dictionary source: XML Acronym Demystifier
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Service Description Language

Dictionary source: 9300+ Computer Acronyms
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Specification Description Language

Dictionary source: ETSI and 3GPP
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Structured Design Language

Dictionary source: Yigal's 3G abbreviations
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Sdl in Dutch
specificatie- en ontwerptaal

Copyright: © Jakob Vlietstra, 2006 Dictionary source: English-Dutch Technical Dictionary
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Sdl in Croatian
SDL- specifikacijski i oblikovni jezik

Dictionary source: English Croatian Dictionary(Igaly)
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