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Shu in English
Shu (Egyptian) [from shu dry, parched] The Egyptian god of light, popularly associated with heat and dryness, and the ethereal spaces existing between the earth and the vault of the sky; often depicted as holding up the sky with his two hands, one at the place of sunrise, the other of sunset. The phonetic value of shu is the feather, which is the symbol of this deity, and appears above his headdress. Shu is manifest during the day in the beams of the sun, and at night in the beams of the moon; the solar disk is his home. He is likewise one of the chief deities of the underworld, the gate of the pillars of Shu (tchesert) marking the entrance to this region, the pillars representing the four cardinal points said to hold up the sky. Although the twin brother of Tefnut -- often alluded to as the twin lion-deities -- Shu is more often represented with Seb and Nut (deities of cosmic space and of its garment of ethereal substance) in his position of holding up the sky, because in theosophical terminology cosmic light as well as cosmic intelligence (the Logos) is born from Brahman and pradhana, or parabrahman and mulaprakriti.
Shu on the smaller scale is solar energy (SD 1:360).

Dictionary source: Rakefet
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Shu may refer to:

  • Sichuan, China, officially abbreviated as Shu (蜀)
  • Shu (state) (conquered by Qin in 316 BC), an ancient state in modern Sichuan
  • Shu Han (221–263) during the Three Kingdoms Period
  • Western Shu (405–413), also known as Qiao Shu, a state founded by Qiao Zong during the Eastern Jin Dynasty
  • Former Shu (907–925) during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period
  • Later Shu (934–965) during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period
  • The Book of Documents (Shū 書)

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God of air, Shu held up his daughter Nut.

Dictionary source: Cruising the Nile, Glossary & Info
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SAT Sakhlin Airlines (Russia)

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Shu in Spanish
Scoville Heat Units - Unidades de Sabor Picante Scoville. Método que se usa para la medición del contenido capsaicinoide del pimiento. (Ají picante) El procedimiento de medición más preciso es la Cromatografía Líquida de Alto Rendimiento (HPLC) Ají dulce Italiano = 0 Ají dulce = 0 Peperoncino = 100 - 500 Nuevo México = 500 - 1.000 Poblano = 1.000 - 1.500 Rocotillo = 1.500 - 2.500 Jalapeño = 2.500 - 5.000 Wax = 5.000 - 10.000 Serrano = 10.000 - 23.000 De Cayena = 30.000 - 50.000 Tailandés = 50.000 - 100.00 Jamaicano Picante = 100.000 - 200.000 Escocés = 100.000 - 250.000 Habanero = 100.000 - 300.000

Dictionary source: English_Spanish by Jaime Aguirre
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(China) dinastía Shu tardía (934-965)

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Shu in Portuguese
Shu deus egípcio

Dictionary source: English Portuguese Word Of Darkness Dictionary
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