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Theos in English
Theos, Theoi (Greek) [from theein to run, in reference to the planetary deities who perform the formative work in cosmic evolution; or cf Sanskrit deva, Latin deus (connected with Zeus or Dios) the bright or shining one] God, gods; builders or cosmocratores. The two derivations are not antagonistic because the planets, stars, and suns are the bright and shining ones. Used in the triad of chaos, theos, cosmos -- three hypostases on the matter side of cosmic evolution -- meaning respectively the storehouse of cosmic seeds, the builders, and the universe built thereby.

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THEOS, which transcribes to "God" in Greek, is an operating system which started out as OASIS, a microcomputer operating system for small computers that use the Z80 processor. Originally written in the late 1970s by Timothy S. Williams as a low-cost alternative to the more expensive mini- and mainframe- computers that were popular in the day, OASIS provided time-sharing multiuser facilities to allow several users to utilise the resources of one computer. Similar in concept to MP/M or UNIX, THEOS uses external device drivers rather than a kernel, allowing it to be more portable to other environments, though support has been primarily directed towards industry-standard hardware (i.e. PC's). THEOS is specifically aimed at small business users, with a wide range of vertical-market applications packages being developed and supported by individuals and companies.

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Theos may refer to:
  • THEOS, a computer operating system
  • THEOS (satellite), a satellite launched in 2008 by Thailand
  • Theos (think tank), a UK public theology think tank
  • God, in theism God is sometimes called Theos

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