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Unic in English
Unic was a French manufacturer founded in 1905, and active as an automobile producer until July 1938. After this the company continued to produce commercial vehicles, retaining its independence for a further fourteen years before being purchased in 1952 by Henri Pigozzi, who was keen to develop Unic as a commercial vehicle arm of the then flourishing Simca business.

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Unic in Romanian
(gen) a comunica
   (fiz) vase comunicante
   (tele) comunicaţie, legătură, comunicare; înştiinţare, raport
   (th) funicular
   (cstr, mas) macara funiculară
   (mec) curbă funiculară
   (mec) poligon funicular
   (tele) (USA) interfon, intercomunicare telefonică
   (tele) radiocomunicaţie
   (tele) telecomunicaţii
   (tele) telecomunicaţii
   (tele) convorbire / comunicaţie interurbană
   (tele) comunicaţie prin cablu

Dictionary source: Victors - English Romanian Technical Dictionary
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Unic in Persian
پردازه هاي ترتيبي مرتبط حسابان سيستمهاي ارتباطي

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