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Vipassana in English
This form of meditation is widely practiced in Theravada Buddhism. Its goal is the realization of the three marks of existence: suffering, impermanence, and "no-soul." It leads to the realization of the true character of Emptiness. Vipassana and Samadhi are considered prerequisites for attaining nirvana by Theravada Buddhism.

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Vipassana (Pali) or vipasyana (; guan; , lhaktong; Wyl. lhag mthong) in the Buddhist tradition means insight into the true nature of reality, namely as the Three marks of existence: impermanence, suffering or unsatisfactoriness, and the realisation of non-self. Presectarian Buddhism emphasized the practice of Dhyana, but early in the history of Buddhism Vipassana gained a prominent place in the teachings.

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insight intuitive vision, introspection, contemplation, insight development

Dictionary source: A Pali Buddhist Glossary
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Pali; insight, clear seeing; intuitive cognition of the three marks of existence (trilakshana), namely, the impermanence (anitya), suffering (duhkha), and no-self (anatman) of all physical and mental phenomena. In Mahayana Buddhism, vipassana is seen as analytical examination of the nature of things that leads to insight into the true nature of the world—emptiness (shunyata). Such insight prevents the arising of new passions. Vipassana is one of the two factors essential for the attainment of enlightenment (bodhi); the other is shamatha (calming the mind).

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Vipassana in Spanish
("ver en varias formas") visión clara, mirada discriminadora, clara visión, ver las cosas tal como son realmente, ver en varias formasvipassana meditation
meditación de observación, meditación de introspección, meditación introspectiva meditación de introspección, meditación de observación, meditación de atención plena meditación de observación, visión clara, clara visión, ver en varias formas, atención plena, meditación introspectiva

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Vipassana in Vietnamese
Chiêm niệm

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