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Wozzeck in English
Wozzeck is the first opera by the Austrian composer Alban Berg. A typical performance of the work takes slightly over an hour and a half. It was composed between 1914 and 1922 and first performed in 1925. The opera is based on the drama Woyzeck, which was left incomplete by the German playwright Georg Büchner at his death. Berg attended the first production in Vienna of Büchner's play on 5 May 1914, and knew at once that he wanted to base an opera on it. From the fragments of unordered scenes left by Büchner, Berg selected fifteen to form a compact structure of three acts with five scenes each. He adapted the libretto himself, retaining "the essential character of the play, with its many short scenes, its abrupt and sometimes brutal language, and its stark, if haunted, realism..."

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opera in three acts by Alban Berg; first performed in 1925; one of the most important of all 20th century operas; deals with the anguish and downfall of a poor soldier.

Dictionary source: Operas and Composers: A Pronunciation Guide
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