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Yerba Buena in English
yerba buena
n : trailing perennial evergreen herb of northwestern united states with small white flowers; used medicinally [syn: micromeria chamissonis , micromeria douglasii, satureja douglasii]

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Yerba buena is a Spanish term meaning "good herb". It may refer to
  • Yerba buena, a number of aromatic plants
  • Yerba Buena, Tucumán, the capital of the Yerba Buena Department in the province of Tucumán, Argentina
    • Yerba Buena Department, a department of Tucumán Province, Argentina consisting of the city of Yerba Buena and two towns
  • Yerbas Buenas, a Chilean town and commune in Linares Province, Maule Region
  • Yerba Buena, California, a former town that became San Francisco, California, U.S.
  • Yerba Buena High School a high school in San Jose, California
  • Yerba Buena Island, an island in the San Francisco Bay
  • Yerba Buena (band), a fusion band based in New York City
  • Yerba Buena Jazz Band, a Dixieland revival band founded by Lu Watters

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Yerba buena or hierba buena is the Spanish name for a number of aromatic plants, most of which belong to the mint family. Yerba buena translates as "good herb". The specific plant species regarded as yerba buena varies from region to region, depending on what grows wild in the surrounding landscape, or which species is customarily grown in local gardens. Perhaps the most common variation of this plant is spearmint (Mentha spicata). The term has been (and is currently) used to cover a number of aromatic true mints and mint relatives of the genera Satureja or Micromeria. All plants so named have medicinal properties, and some have culinary value as herbal teas or seasonings as well.

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More: English to English translation of Yerba Buena
1. trailing perennial evergreen herb of northwestern United States with small white flowers; used medicinally
(synonym) Micromeria chamissonis, Micromeria douglasii, Satureja douglasii
(hypernym) herb, herbaceous plant
(member-holonym) Micromeria, genus Micromeria

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(Spanish) Wild mint, fresh or dried

Dictionary source: Dictionary Of Cooking And Food Terms
More: English to English translation of Yerba Buena