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Bati in English
Bati may refer to:
  • Bati (Fiji), traditional Fijian warriors
    • The Fiji national rugby league team
  • The town of Bati, Ethiopia.
  • Bati (woreda) 
  • Bathi District, a district of Takeo Province, Cambodia
  • The wattle-eye, or puffback flycatcher, a small, stout passerine bird of the African tropics;
  • One of the Bamileke ethnic groups of Cameroon.
  • Baati, a type of bread popular in western India
  • Luca Bati, an Italian Baroque composer and music teacher
  • Bati, Berber tribe to the East of Agadir and Casablanca, Morocco

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Bati is a town in north-central Ethiopia. Located in the Oromia Zone of the Amhara Region (or killoch), east of Dessie this town has a latitude and longitude of with an elevation of 1502 metres above sea level. It is the largest town in Bati woreda.

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Bati is a Bantoid language spoken in Cameroon.
Bati is a language spoken on Eastern Seram Island, Maluku, Indonesia.
The language is: Bati

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bramble; blackberry bush| raspberry bush

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Bati in Romanian
(min) abataj
   (fiz, termo) adiabatic
   (termo) perete adiabatic
   (termo) compresiune adiabatică
   (fiz) adiabată, curbă adiabatică
   (fiz) expansiune / destindere adiabatică
   (fiz) transformare adiabatică
   (chim) descompunere aerobă
   (fiz) anabatic (curent cald ascendent), convectiv
   (meteo) curent ascendent
   (fiz, meteo) catabatic
   (th) combatere
   (tele) combaterea zgomotului
   (th) mărime de perturbaţie
   (meteo) descendent
   (gen) tulburare; agitaţie; perturbaţie
   (metr) încercare; probă
   (l) fălţuire
   (l) daltă de falţuri

Dictionary source: Victors - English Romanian Technical Dictionary
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Bati in Slovak
(se) fear, dread, apprehend

Dictionary source: Bidirectional English Slovenian Dictionary
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