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Doctrine of signatures in English
The doctrine of signatures, dating from the time of Dioscurides and Galen, states that herbs that resemble various parts of the body can be used by herbalists to treat ailments of those parts of the body. A theological justification for this, as stated by botanists like William Coles, was that God would have wanted to show men what plants would be useful for.

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Doctrine of signatures in Chinese (s)
doctrine of specific nerve energy 神经特殊能量说

Dictionary source: 专业字典 English Chinese Dictionary
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Doctrine of signatures in Hebrew
(ש"ע) דוקטרינת החתימות. תיאוריה מאגית, לפיה לכל יצור חי ובמיוחד לצמחים, יש איכות ייחודית או תנודה פסיכית ייחודית.

Dictionary source: English Hebrew Paganism Dictionary
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