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Nynorsk in English
(Norwegian: "new Norwegian") Landsmål, literary form of the Norwegian language and Old Norse based on the rural dialects of Norway

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Nynorsk in German
literarische Form der auf den ländlichen Dialekten Norwegens basierten norwegischen und altnordischen Sprachen

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Nynorsk in English
n : one of two official languages of norway; based on rural dialects [syn: new norwegian, landsmal, nynorsk]

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Nynorsk, Neo-Norwegian, New Norse or New Norwegian is an official written standard for the Norwegian language, alongside Bokmål. The language standard was originally created by Ivar Aasen during the mid-19th century, to provide a Norwegian alternative to the Danish language which was commonly written in Norway at the time. The official standard of Nynorsk has since been significantly altered while a minor purist fraction of the Nynorsk populace have stayed firm with the Aasen norm, which is known as Høgnorsk (, analogous to High German).

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Nynorsk Norwegian is a Germanic language written in Norway.
Nynorsk Norwegian was founded by the linguist Ivar Aasen during the 1850's, and based it upon spoken Norwegian and Old Norse.
Nynorsk Norwegian was given its current name in 1929.
The language is: Nynorsk Norwegian

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1. one of two official languages of Norway; based on rural dialects
(synonym) New Norwegian, Landsmal
(hypernym) Norwegian

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Nynorsk in Russian
(n) лансмол; новонорвежский язык

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