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Que pasa in English
(Spanish) how are you?, what's new?

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Que pasa in Spanish
¿Que pasa?, ¿que tal? (en español)

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Que pasa in Dutch
wat is er aan de hand? wat is er? hoe gaat het? (in Spaans)

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Que pasa in Portuguese
(Espanhol) como vai? como está?

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Que pasa in Italian
che succede? che accade ? (in spagnolo)

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Que pasa in French
que se passe-t-il? comment-va? quoi de neuf? (espagnol)

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Que pasa in German
was geht? wie geht's? (in Spanisch)

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Que pasa in Japanese
お元気ですか, 御機嫌いかが (スペイン語)

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Que pasa in Hebrew
(בספרדית) קה פאסה?, מה קורה?, מה הולך?, מה נשמע?

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Que pasa in English
Qué pasa (Spanish equivalent of "what's up;" literal translation is "what passes") may refer to:
  • Quepasa, a website.
  • ¿Qué Pasa, USA?, a bilingual sitcom.
  • Que Pasa, Spanish-language newspaper from North Carolina.
  • Que Pasa Radio, Spanish-language radio station from North Carolina.

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Qué Pasa (from the Spanish, ) is a Spanish-language newspaper circulated in North Carolina, USA. Its primary audience is the Latino community in the state. The paper maintains distinct editions for the Piedmont, Charlotte, and Research Triangle areas of the state. This free paper is distributed mostly at restaurant and grocery locations.

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