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Raise awareness in English
Consciousness raising (also called awareness raising) is a form of activism, popularized by United States feminists in the late 1960s. It often takes the form of a group of people attempting to focus the attention of a wider group of people on some cause or condition. Common issues include diseases (e.g. breast cancer, AIDS), conflicts (e.g. the Darfur genocide, global warming), movements (e.g. Greenpeace, PETA, Earth Hour), and political parties or politicians. Since informing the populace of a public concern is often regarded as the first step to changing how the institutions handle it, raising awareness is often the first activity in which any advocacy group engages.

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Raise awareness in Greek
(Lex). προάγω τη συνειδητοποίηση

Dictionary source: English-Greek Technical Dictionary
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Raise awareness in Spanish
v.- concientizar | concienciar | sensibilizar

Dictionary source: English_Spanish by Jaime Aguirre
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(v.) = concienciar a la gente, llamar la atención sobre.
Ex: All libraries must clearly help to raise awareness in this way.

Dictionary source: English Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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