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Sabi in English
Sabi may refer to:
  • A member of an extinct religious group known as the Sabians
  • The Mandeans, an extant religious group, in Arabic
  • Sabi (Korea), an ancient capital of Baekje
  • Sabi (dog), an Australian special forces dog
  • Save River (Africa), flows through Zimbabwe and Mozambique
  • Sabi Forest Park, The Gambia
  • Wabi-sabi, a Japanese aesthetic term
  • Sabi (singer), the stage name of Jenice Portlock, an American female singer
  • Sabi Island, near the southern end of Myanmar
  • Sabi Sabi, a private game reserve in South Africa
  • Sabi languages, a group of Bantu languages
  • Sabi (greek), is Floeras or Kazanas

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Swiss Army Brands Inc.
Exchange: Nasdaq
Markets professional cutlery products, swiss army knives, watches, sunglasses and other related consumer products.

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Sabi in Spanish
(Jap) sabi elegante simplicidad
wabi sobriedad. Los dos conforman shibui (refinamiento sobrio) base de la estética japonesa

Dictionary source: English Spanish Dictionary
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Sabi in Romanian
(petr) capacitate de condensare
   (mat) nedecompozabilitate, ireductibilitate
   (th) utilitate, aplicabilitate, aptitudine

Dictionary source: Victors - English Romanian Technical Dictionary
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