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Tahsildar in English
tax collector in India, official responsible for taxation and revenues

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Tahsildar in Arabic
جابي الضرائب (في الهند وباكستان)

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Tahsildar in Spanish
recaudador de impuestos en la India, funcionario responsable de los impuestos y los ingresos

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Tahsildar in Dutch
tahsildar, tolbeambte in India, beambte verantwoordelijk voor innen van belastingen en inkomsten

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Tahsildar in Portuguese
coletor de impostos na Índia

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Tahsildar in Japanese

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Tahsildar in Hebrew
"טסילדר", גובה מס בהודו

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Tahsildar in English
All states in India are divided into districts. There are some kinds of sub divisions of districts which are known as Tehsils.Tehsildar is a revenue officer in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh in charge of obtaining taxes from a Tehsil. The term is of Mughal origin made of 2 different words "Tehsil+Dar". "Tehsil", an Islamic word derived from Arabic, means "Revenue collection" and "Dar", Persian means "holder of a position", together these 2 words make the word Tehsildar which simply means a Tax Collector. The role of Tehsildar continued during the period of British Rule and was subsequently used by Pakistan and India following their independence from the British. The immediate subordinate of a Tehsildar is known as a Naib Tehsildar.

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Tahsildar in Russian
(n) сборщик налогов

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