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下流的, 无礼的, 卑鄙的

['sk2:vi] adj.下流的,卑鄙的,无礼的

[5sk\:vI] adj. 下流的,卑鄙的,无礼的
disgustingly mean or contemptible:DESPICABLE
scurvy◇above reproach
Synonyms: CONTEMPTIBLE, beggarly despicable, despisable, mean, pitiable, scummy, shabby
Sample:Peter Pan sneered at Captain Hook and his scurvy crew.

[5skE:vi] adj. 下流的,可鄙的(disgustingly mean or contemptible:despicable)
(反)scurvy ◆ above reproach 可鄙的 ◆ 不受指责的
(同)contemptible, beggarly, cheap, despicable, mean, shabby

scutcher 打麻机 清棉机

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