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Air Fuel Ratio.

Air France Paris France

Air Fuel Ratio[USA]

Away From Reactor (storage site)

AFR may refer to:
  • AFR (film), a 2007 film
  • Afrikaans language
  • Air France
  • Air–fuel ratio
  • Alternate frame rendering
  • American Family Radio
  • American Film Renaissance, a non-profit organization
  • American flag rugby
  • Americans for Financial Reform, a non-profit organization
  • Arbel Fauvet Rail, a French rolling stock manufacturer
  • Annualized failure rate, a measure of reliability
  • Les Assassins en Fauteuils Roulants, a fictional terrorist cell in David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest
  • Australian Financial Review, a business newspaper
  • Africa, as a UNESCO region; see List of World Heritage Sites in Africa

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Aircraft Flight Record; Air Force Regulation

Air Force Reserve; assign frequency for network reporting

Afr = n. a flowing principle

Air Force Regulation

Alternate Frame Rendering

Automatic Format Recognition

Air France (France)
Aliances: SkyTeam

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