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of or pertaining to Austria (country in Europe)
native or resident of Austria (country in Europe)

1/5 ounces European Apricot Brandy
Lemon peel
Tonic water or Quinine

In an 8-oz. highball glass filled with ice add brandy. Fill with tonic water or quinine. Twist lemon peel over drink to release oils.
Garish with lemon peel.

\aus"tri*an\ (&?;), a. of or pertaining to austria, or to its inhabitants. -- n. a native or an inhabitant of austria.

  similar words(2) 

 war of the austrian succession 
 austrian capital 

Austrian may refer to:
  • Austrians, someone from Austria or of Austrian descent
    • Someone who is considered an Austrian citizen, see Austrian nationality law
  • One who subscribes to the Austrian school of economic thought
  • Something associated with the country Austria, for example:
    • Austria-Hungary
    • Austrian Airlines (AUA)
    • Austrian cuisine
    • Austrian Empire
    • Austrian monarchy
    • Austrian German (language/dialects)
    • Austrian literature
    • Austrian School of economics
    • Austrian Service Abroad
    • Music of Austria
  • Pirc Defence, Austrian Attack

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1. a native or inhabitant of Austria
(hypernym) European
(member-holonym) Austria, Republic of Austria, Oesterreich
1. of or relating to Austria or its people or culture; "Austrian music"
(pertainym) Austria, Republic of Austria, Oesterreich

A native or an inhabitant of Austria.
Of or pertaining to Austria, or to its inhabitants.

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