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of or pertaining to the Celtic peoples; pertaining to the Celtic language
subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages (includes Gaelic, Welsh, Irish, etc.)

\celt"ic\ (s&ebreve;lt"&ibreve;k), a. [l. celticus, gr. keltiko`s. see celt.] of or pertaining to the celts; as, celtic people, tribes, literature, tongue. [written also keltic.]
\celt"ic\, n. the language of the celts.
note: the remains of the old celtic language are found in the gaelic, the erse or irish the manx, and the welsh and its cognate dialects cornish and bas breton.

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The words Celt and Celtic (also Keltic) can refer to:

  • Celts, an ethnolinguistic group of tribal societies in Iron Age and Medieval Europe who spoke Celtic languages.
  • Celts (modern), a modern cultural creation based on the older Celtic peoples.
  • Celtic languages
  • Celtic nations, the modern territories in North-West Europe where Celtic languages and cultural traits have survived

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1. a branch of the Indo-European languages that (judging from inscriptions and place names) was spread widely over Europe in the pre-Christian era
(synonym) Celtic language
(hypernym) Indo-European, Indo-European language, Indo-Hittite
(hyponym) Gaelic, Goidelic, Erse
1. relating to or characteristic of the Celts
(synonym) Gaelic
(pertainym) Celt, Kelt

Celtic & Israel

Birthdate: April 2, 1972
Birthplace: Haifa, Israel
Height: 179 cms
Weight: 74 kgs
Position: Midfielder
International: 20 caps, 4 goals (as of June 29, 2000)
World Cups: 0
Previous Clubs: Maccabi Haifa, Southampton, West Ham United
Transfer Fee: $9.50 Millions of Dollars
Israeli international midfielder who moved to Celtic from West Ham for a club record 5.75 million pounds during the '98-99 off-season. Says Berkovic: "My ambition is to help Celtic win the Championship next season, qualify for the Champions League and to do well in Europe. I am very pleased to have joined Celtic at such an exciting time. It is a great club with a tremendous track record and I am looking forward to being part of its future success." Had a controversial final season with West Ham. Team mate John Hartson kicked Berkovic in the head during a training session in September as the Israeli knelt on the ground following a tough tackle. At the time, Berkovic said he was considering his future at the club but he later made his peace with Hartson, who subsequently left the club for Wimbledon.
Celtic & Scotland

Birthdate: August 7, 1969
Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland
Height: 179 cms
Weight: 69 kgs
Position: Midfielder
International: 19 caps, 0 goals (as of June 29, 2000)
World Cups: 1 (1998)
Previous Clubs: St. Mirren, Motherwell, Borussia Dortmund
Transfer Fee: $3.30 Millions of Dollars
Tireless worker in midfield and an important part of the Scotland integame improved massively and he developed into a fine midfield anchor and man-marker. However, his wife, Monica, found it difficult to settle in Germany and his game was affected by the disruption of his domestic arrangements and he struggled to command a first-team prnational side. Enjoyed a fairy-tale rise to stardom when he left Motherwell as a free agent in 1996 and found his way to Borussia Dortmund. Lambert was considered to be a surprising signing for the German champions, whose squad possessed a large number of well-known international players from several countries. However, he had previously impressed Ottmar Hitzfeld, the then manager of Dortmund, when Motherwell had met Dortmund in the UEFA Cup. Won a European Cup winner's medal with the German club, Lambert being the only outfield player to take part in every tie played by the Germans on their way to the their final victory over Juventus. At Dortmund, Lambert's lace under Dortmund's new manager, Nevio Scala. Signed for Celtic from Dortmund for two million pounds ($3.3 million) in November '97, helping the Glasgow giants to their first title in nine years.
Celtic & Scotland

Birthdate: October 24, 1973
Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland
Height: 177 cms
Weight: 65 kgs
Position: Defender
International: 28 caps, 2 goals (as of June 29, 2000)
World Cups: 1 (1998)
Previous Clubs: Dunfermline
Transfer Fee: -
Celtic & Australia

Birthdate: October 9, 1975
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 92 kg
Position: Centre Forward
International: 12 caps, 1 goals
World Cups: 0
Previous Clubs: Melbourne Knights, Croatia Melbourne, Croatia Zagreb
Transfer Fee: $5.00 Millions of Dollars
The australian star is a forward similar to antique custom. He doesn't has a depurated technical quality, but is a natural fighter, very agressive and do not give a ball for lost. In the 99-00 season his sense for goal was in constant progress, in so much way, that he was voted Players' Scottish Premier League Best Player and Top Scorer of the league. Besides, Larsson's injury has given him more protagonism. In his country he played with 2 teams of the capital, he was Player of the Year and Top Goal Scorer in 1993. With Croatia Zagreb in 3 seasons, he scored 40 goals in 84 games. A regular fixture in the Aussies since Atlanta '96 Olympic Games.


Celtic Connections Laphroaig 18 YO, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

By: Celtic Connections Co.
Celtic Cross 1975 Springbank, Single Campbeltown Malt Scotch Whisky

(for the Japanese market)
By: Scottish Independent Distillers Co. Ltd. (Edinburgh, Scotland) (To celebrate the Centenary of Celtic Football Club, 1888-1988)
The Celtic Football Club "The Bhoys", Blended Scotch Whisky
The Celtic Football Club Centenary Reserve, Vatted Malt Scotch Whisky
The Celtic Football Club Centenary Special Reserve, Blended Scotch Whisky
The Celtic Football Club Collectors Edition II 10 YO Limited Edition (5,000 bottles), Blended Scotch Whisky

By: Centenary Scotch Whisky (Mauchline, Scotland) - For: Celtic Football Club (Park Head, Glasgow, Scotland)
Celtic Heartlands 34 YO 1968 Macallan Limited Edition (722 bottles), Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Celtic Heartlands 35 YO 1967 Highland Park Limited Edition (722 bottles), Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Celtic Heartlands 35 YO 1968 Bowmore Limited Edition (722 bottles), Single Malt Scotch Whisky

By: Jim McEwan, Master Distiller - Celtic Heartlands BDC Co. Ltd. (Scotland) Celtic Legends 12 YO Linkwood, Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Celtic Legends 12 YO Glen Grant "Caledonia", Single Malt Scotch Whisky

By: Liquid Gold Enterprises Ltd. (Glasgow, Scotland) Celtic Whisky 9, 11 YO Caol Ila Cask Strength, Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Celtic Whisky 10 YO Mortlach, Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Celtic Whisky 13 YO Rosebank Cask Strength, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

For: Celtic Whisk(e)y (Nürnberg, Germany)

The language of the Celts.
Of or pertaining to the Celts; as, Celtic people, tribes, literature, tongue.

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