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Chashma Colony is located in Punjab, Pakistan. It is situated in Mianwali District near Kundian at the left bank of river Indus, in close proximity of Koh-i-Suleiman mountain range. Chashma Colony is famous for the well-known Chashma Barrage built on river Indus. Also a number of establishments of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission are there at Chashma, including two units of 300 megawatt Nuclear Reactors called Chashma Nuclear Power Plant-1 (CHASHNUPP-1) and Chashma Nuclear Power Plant-2 (CHASHNUPP- 2).
  • Chashma Airport
  • Chashma Nuclear Power Complex
  • Green Lagoon
  • Chashma Church Mianwali
  • Chashma Lake
  • Chashma Shopping Mall
  • Chashma means Water Spring in Persian and Urdu.

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