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futhorc, futhork, any of the common Germanic runic alphabet; phonetic alphabet that comprise of runes

Runes (Proto-Norse: (runo), Old Norse: rún) are the letters in a set of related alphabets known as runic alphabets, which were used to write various Germanic languages before the adoption of the Latin alphabet and for specialised purposes thereafter. The Scandinavian variants are also known as futhark or fuþark (derived from their first six letters of the alphabet: F, U, Þ, A, R, and K); the Anglo-Saxon variant is futhorc or fuþorc (due to sound changes undergone in Old English by the names of those six letters).

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Runic alphabet used often in divination, its origins are Norse (Germanic). Divided into the elder Futhark and the younger Futhark (which has fewer runes).

A word made up of the first six rune characters in the German rune alphabet: F-U-Th-A-R-K. Other rune alphabets are called slightly different names due to variations in the pronunciation of the letters. The English rune alphabet is known as the Futhorc.

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