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gee whiz!, golly! (cry of surprise)
Ethiopic, ancient form of the Ethiopian language used during religious ceremonies of the Ethiopian Christian Church

see under ethiopic
\geez\ (?), n. the original native name for the ancient ethiopic language or people. see ethiopic.

darn, gee whiz, gosh Geez, I hate mosquitoes!

Geʻez (; ግዕዝ, ; also transliterated Giʻiz, also referred to by some as "Ethiopic") is an ancient South Semitic language that originated in the northern region of Ethiopia and Eritrea in the Horn of Africa. It later became the official language of the Kingdom of Aksum and Ethiopian imperial court.

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Geez was a liturgical Semitic language spoken in Ethiopia and Eritrea.
The language is: Geez

The original native name for the ancient Ethiopic language or people. See Ethiopic.

1. (interjection) gee; gee whiz (alteration of Jesus); 2. look: “Give us a geez, will ya?”

darn, gee whiz, gosh Geez, I hate mosquitoes!

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