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language spoken in Indonesia, Bahasa Indonesia
native or resident of Indonesia
of or pertaining to Indonesia or its inhabitants

\in`do*ne"sian\ (?), a. [indo- + gr. &?; island.] of or pertaining to indonesia or indonesians.
\in`do*ne"sian\, n. a member of a race forming the chief pre-malay population of the malay archipelago, and probably sprung from a mixture of polynesian and mongoloid immigrants. according to keane, the autochthonous negritos were largely expelled by the caucasian polynesians, themselves followed by mongoloid peoples of indo-chinese affinities, from mixture with whom sprang the
race. the term indonesian, introduced by logan to designate the light-colored non-malay inhabitants of the eastern archipelago, is now used as a convenient collective name for all the peoples of malaysia and polynesia who are neither malay nor papuans, but of caucasic type. the true indonesians are of tall stature (5 ft. 10 in.), muscular frame, rather oval features, high, open forehead, large straight or curved nose, large full eyes always horizontal and with no trace of the third lid, light brown complexion (cinnamon or ruddy brown), long black hair, not lank but often slightly curled or wavy, skull generally brachycephalous like that of the melanochroic european. h. keane. the indonesians [of the philippines], with the tribal population of some 251, 200, live almost exclusively on the great island of mindanao. they are not only physically superior to the negritos, but to the peoples of the malayan race as well, and are, as a rule, quite intelligent. phil. com., 1902.

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The word Indonesian may refer to:
  • Anything of, from, or related to Indonesia, a country in Southeast Asia, including Indonesian people
  • Indonesian people
  • Culture of Indonesia, a complex of original indigenous customs and multiple foreign influences
  • Indonesian language, locally known as Bahasa Indonesia, the official language of Indonesia
  • Indonesian cuisine, diverse cuisine from Indonesia's approximately 6,000 populated islands

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Indonesian is the official language spoken in Indonesia.
The language is: Indonesian Peranakan Indonesian is an Indonesian-based creole language spoken in Java, Indonesia.
Peranakan Indonesian first developed during the 17th century among Chinese traders who married Javanese women.
The language is: Peranakan Indonesian

1. a native or inhabitant of Indonesia
(hypernym) Asian, Asiatic
(hyponym) Sumatran
(member-holonym) Indonesia, Republic of Indonesia, Dutch East Indies
2. the dialect of Malay used as the national language of the Republic of Indonesia or of Malaysia
(synonym) Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa
(hypernym) Malay
(hyponym) Javanese
1. of or relating to or characteristic of Indonesia or its people or languages
(pertainym) Indonesia, Republic of Indonesia, Dutch East Indies

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